It is crucial in a commercial project that even the smallest details support the brand concept. The staff t-shirts at Goat Hollow were a perfect example. The owners liked the simplicity and ease of a t-shirt but a traditional restaurant logo printed t-shirt wasn’t the right fit to become an important design feature. We asked NYC artist and stylist friend Nadia for guidance. Her concept was to hand stamp the goat logo on the shirts with fabric paint. The imperfect, handmade logo complimented the brand of Goat Hollow; strong, gritty, masculine. The staff would also be asked to stamp their own shirts in patterns of their own design. The hope was that the stamp concept would to go viral at the restaurant and become its own form of guerrilla marketing inspired by the greats – Banksy, Shepard Fairey and Mr Brainwash. It was the perfect mix of rebellion meets uniform for Goat Hollow.